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The 7 Ways Extended Reality Will Drive Record-Breaking Profits

When reporters and journalists talk about the exciting future of XR, they all seem to get one major thing wrong. They all seem to think hardware sales are the only thing that matters. The truth is that hardware will only be a small cut of the XR pie in the coming years. Here are the 7 major ways that extended reality will make money:

Augmented Reality vs Virtual

So, you are interested in investing in the future of “simulated” realities. But maybe you are not sure which tech is which. Augmented reality vs virtual reality vs mixed reality? If that’s the case, read this article. Here, we cover the difference between three of the most widely anticipated technologies of the decade.

The 3 Types of Virtual Reality Platforms

Whether virtual reality is used to supply intense gaming experiences, teleconferences for multinational corporations, or powerful first-person education, there are hardware requirements for rendering these visual experiences. And the hardware will differ between the three flavors of virtual reality we're seeing at the moment. So, what’s the difference between Tethered VR, Mobile VR, and Standalone VR?