What VR Deepfake Porn Means for the Future

What VR Deepfake Porn Means for the Future

There are early reports of VR Deepfake Pornography circling the internet.

For those who are unsure, this probably means we have a shockingly dystopian future ahead of us. Like, Black Mirror level dystopian.

The concept of the Deepfake has been around for over a year now. In short, people with coding experience were able to use artificial intelligence to copy and paste faces onto other individuals, but in VIDEOS.

And many of these are very convincing, like this fake Obama video.

Deepfakes in Porn

Unfortunately, most of the people using the tool are pasting celebrity faces onto pornstars.

And since the birth of Deepfakes, simpler applications have cropped up, giving people without extensive computer knowledge the ability to render fake videos.

But a new wrench was just thrown into the equation… people are rendering Deepfake videos for VR devices.

As we've covered in other articles, many are claiming VR porn is the most immersive form of pornography ever created.

The stats don't lie… "VR Porn" is the highest searched term related to VR.

But now—imagine watching the most immersive porn you've ever encountered, but now your virtual sex partner can be ANYONE.

IT could be your hot neighbor. It could be your favorite actor. Or, your favorite anime character. We're talking about a combination of technologies that could mimic any sexual partner you desire.

And leaving that option in the hands of porn consumers is dangerous. Because there's no doubt they will consume.

For now, the content is limited to "visual stimulation," but as we covered in this article, it might not be too long before mechanisms for "physical stimulation" are also mass-produced.

The Danger

Deepfake videos ALONE pose a massive threat to the public. Whether it's swaying a political agenda by misrepresenting a politician. Or misrepresenting other public figures to sell things. There's no doubt in our minds Deepfakes are here to stir some trouble.

But the combination of VR, Deepfakes, and sexual frustration? That's a cocktail that's going to ruin someone's night.

It opens the doors for ruthless revenge porn—the act of posting fake or real sexual content of someone you dislike.

And while the technology can only be applied to public figures at this point, the technology is improving at an insane rate. Less and less data is required to build a Deepfakes model. It could get to the point where someone could render a realistic video with only a few images of your face.

Even if the intent is not malicious, imagine the psychological damage this is doing to the actresses who are being "pasted" onto pornstars?

How would you feel if someone rendered a video of you performing sexual acts?

Probably not super good.

What's even worse is that photoshopped pornography has existed for decades, with effectively zero punishment for the distributors or the consumers of this distasteful content. Deepfakes porn certainly rides the fine line between legal and illegal, even if it is unethical.

Still more, this tech may encourage people to flat-out avoid trying to find love.

Reality can be tough. Some people are shy. Hell, let's be honest.. some people are ugly. And for people in that boat, it can feel impossible to find a mate.

Even for the people who can find a sexual partner, they will still be subjected to the "hardships" of human interaction. You know… talking about work, having hit-or-miss sex, or even worse, having to do dishes more often.

And so we posit an extremely likely, but unfortunate future for humanity….

VR Will Be Used Unethically

No, it's not the sex robot that would be far too expensive to produce—It is the virtual reality doppelganger (or doppelgangbanger for the adventurous) that will captivate the sexually frustrated in years to come.

The legal lines are very blurry right now, and you can bet producers and consumers will take advantage of the grey area.

We encourage our readers to tread carefully in the Deepfakes future. Be mindful the images you put on the internet, be mindful of the content you consume, and be mindful of the profits this industry will inevitably produce.

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