Virtual Reality Usage Nearly Doubled on Steam

Virtual Reality Usage Nearly Doubled on Steam

“VR is dying.”

These days it’s all too common to see headlines preaching the death of VR from the media. Very often, these reports only look at a small fraction of the whole VR story.

As a matter of fact, Valve’s latest hardware survey drew some very promising conclusions about the tethered VR ecosystem.

The team collected data from a sample of Steam users who agreed to share information about their PC. This scan included data about VR headset usage.

It should be noted: these are users who agreed to enter. And there is a chance that the people who agree to share this information are more likely to be VR adopters. Regardless, the numbers tell a compelling story...

VR usage nearly doubled on Steam last year.

Kitty Hawk developer discusses the stranglehold that Valve might have on the market.

That comes out to roughly 0.8% of the Steam population. You might be saying “but that’s less than 1 percent!!”

And that is true. But when hardware usage doubles, it could be the beginning of a long and promising exponential trend.

Most of the growth came from our good friend Facebook. Their steam usage grew over 80% with their Oculus Rift headset. Our best guess is that a combination of marketing efforts and game exclusives contributed to strong growth.

Not to mention, the Facebook and Oculus teams have A LOT of money to throw at growing. I mean, they ARE valued at over 400 billion and they just crushed Q4 Earnings.

This is all to say that with increased marketing investing, decreasing prices, and improving hardware capabilities, many gamers are going to pull the trigger on VR. Whether it’s in tethered or in the very promising standalone market.

We expect Steam VR usage to continue to experience strong growth.

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