VR Helps Brandon Feel Like He Can Walk Again

VR Helps Brandon Feel Like He Can Walk Again

We drew a winner for our Oculus Go Sweepstakes earlier this week.

…It wasn’t Brandon B.

Which was CRAZY because he had WAY more points than anyone else.

But Brandon came to us with a story that touched all of us.

Brandon was 22 years old when he fell at a class reunion. The fifty-foot drop left him paralyzed.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I get by, but many things are out of reach for me. I've been wanting VR glasses for many years and the sense of freedom they can offer someone in my situation. But I live on very little money.”

He also talked about the first time he tried virtual reality.

“I was able to use VR glasses one time and IT WAS AMAZING!!! I was able to explore an endless place like I was walking and running! It felt so freeing to me!!”

Brandon can use VR to explore new worlds, browse a growing library of new content, and improve his quality of life. So we decided to send him an Oculus Go anyway. When he found out, he was ecstatic!

“You don't know how happy you made me right now!! My cheeks are starting to hurt from the HUGE smile on my face!!.. haha. You are so kind and I truly appreciate all of you!! I can't thank you enough!! I'm about to call family members now and share the good news! “

If you don’t believe VR can legitimately help people and bring value to the world, think again 😇

You can join our next sweepstakes, giveaway, or major event RIGHT HERE.

“I'm sure in the years to come, VR will have a part in every field, be it medical, educational, entertainment and/or technology. I'm excited about how this will grow. I can only imagine what VR will be used for and how far it will go 10-20 years from now!” -Brandon B.

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